About Us


    The Institute of Event Management has been established to provide an opportunity for individuals who already work or wish to work in the Events Sector to gain professional recognition, and to enhance their profile, skills and knowledge.

    The Institute provides a route to professional recognition, to champion and develop the role of event professionals and raise awareness worldwide.

    The Institute will support event professionals in providing real-time information and resources together with appropriate continuing professional development programmes to meet their needs. The Institute will also provide a forum for the provision of fresh ideas and information together with opportunities for debate.

    To champion and develop the event profession for the benefit of business, education, community and society.


    To be the Champion for Event Professionals across the diverse and dynamic event sector and to provide opportunities for learning and development. An institute that:

    • – Recognises and protects the quality and integrity of the event management profession

    • – Shares and values best practice and ethical standards in events management

    • – Promotes and supports the UK and global events sector

    • – Creates opportunities for event practitioners and academic research

    • – Provides professional recognition, skills development and training

    • – Offers a forum for sharing knowledge, insight and technical expertise

    • – Creates a diverse Global Network of like-minded professionals


    Honesty– Openness, fairness and transparency in everything we do.

    Integrity – Ensuring appropriate and ethical decisions are made at all times that reflect
    the best qualities of the profession.

    Professionalism – Operating at the highest standard, encompassing strong ethical,
    moral and honest behaviours and accountability.

    Sustainability – Developing and delivering our work and events in a sustainable way
    and inspiring others to do the same.

    Collaboration – Working together as a global community of event professionals,
    developing new practices, generating opportunities, and overcoming challenges.