Accreditation: IEM launches Recognition Scheme

To mark the first face to face Association for Events Management Education (AEME) Events Management Educators Forum since the pandemic, the Institute of Event Management (IEM) will launch a new recognition scheme for the industry.

The Forum, aptly named ‘#AEME22 New Horizons: Working together for a brighter future’ will be hosted at University of Northampton on the 6th and 7th July, where AEME members will be invited to be the first to apply for the Recognition.

Tim Owen LVO FRSA RIBA, Director of Major Impact City Events and newly appointed Director of IEM, explained why the Institute is launching the scheme.  “Events cover so many unique occasions that create individual memories for those involved, whether those ‘making them happen’ or as attendees or ticket holders. The breadth of experiences covers the unhappy, the momentous, the celebratory and the
overwhelming – and quite frankly, sometimes just the enjoyably silly.  It is not just those attending that leave with the memories, all of us that are involved and passionate about what we deliver also build their memories which fuels our passion.

It is obvious that the future of the events sector is with the people who make it

What the last two years particularly has shown is that when both newly qualified and the experienced came together in many alliances to promote and celebrate what we do in very challenging personal and work lifetimes, we changed the understanding of how essential the ‘invisible people’ are to everybody’s well-being and development.

More than ever, we are recognised as a Profession

The development of the Institute of Event Management’s recognition will give all our people a cross sector standard for employers, companies and suppliers to rely on when commissioning our work and reinforce that no matter how broad the events sector grows, a common standard draws us together.”

The Recognition Scheme is initially only available for Undergraduate Degrees in Event Management, but will be expanded to other Further and Higher Education qualifications and organisations following this short pilot with AEME. It benchmarks course content against criteria required by the profession and is a sign of the knowledge and skills required by event managers in preparing them for the world of
events work.

Fotios Vasileiou, spokesperson for AEME, who worked with the IEM to set up with scheme said, “I truly believe we have done something extraordinary and now have a firm foundation for the students, IEM and our industry to continue our journey with greater support. We will leave a legacy behind, for the benefit of the next generation of event managers”.

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