Headline: Membership FAQs

Since our Skills for Events Summit on 30th June we have had lots of questions and great suggestions, which we have been working on incorporating into our plans.  Please keep them coming!

In order to make sure that everyone is informed of our progress we have come up with the following Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions on IEM Membership, which we hope you will find useful:

1. What would the main benefits be of being a member?

Being part of a network and support group for the industry, access to knowledge and development opportunities and professional recognition.

2. What levels of membership will there be ?

Affiliate and Student Membership (no designatory letters)

Associate (AIEM)

Member (MIEM)

Fellow (FIEM)

3. When do you plan to be open for business and how can I join?

We will be taking online applications from 19th October 2020, when we will officially launch and hold our Inaugural AGM at The Meetings Show.

4. What is the cost of membership ?

£50 per annum for Affiliate, which will be the entry level of membership and only level of membership available to start with.

5. Can I join based on experience and if so how will this be assessed?

You can join as an Affiliate only in the first instance, with or without any experience, and then upgrade your membership.  To upgrade your membership based on experience alone you will be required to demonstrate either 3 years for Associate, 5 years for Member or 10 years for Fellowship grades.

6. What is involved in becoming a Founding Fellow?

Founding Fellows are sought to spearhead the membership body and champion the IEM.  In response to several enquiries, we are also offering Founding Partner status for organisations.

7. How and when can I apply to be a Founding Fellow and what will it cost?

We are taking applications now until 14th October and there will be a one-off £1000 fee.

8. Is Affiliate Member the same as Student Member and how and when can I join either category?

Affiliate Membership will be available from 19th October and you can sign up without any prior experience, qualifications or need to satisfy any specific criteria.
Student Membership will be available from January 2021.  It will be tied to an IEM Accredited course, so you will need to apply for this through an eligible university/college or training provider.
We plan to have Accreditation available from December 2020 and as a result we anticipate Student Memberships will be available from January 2021.

9. Will I be able to use letters after my name if I join and if so what?

Graded memberships will allow you to use the following letters after your name:

Associate – AIEM

Member – MIEM

Fellow – FIEM

10.Will you offer CPD and Mentoring for members?

Yes, CPD, mentoring opportunities, a freelance register and ambassadorial roles are key benefits to membership that we aim to offer in due course.


For more information also see Membership Grades

If you have any comments or suggestions on any of the above please get in touch.